Karin Bowersock

Karin Bowersock has been Artistic Director of Bristol Valley Theater in Naples, New York since 2003.  Over the last 8 seasons, she has produced over (x) plays and musicals and directed new visions of such Broadway Classics as EVITA, SWEENEY TODD, CABARET, and MAN OF LA MANCHA.  Prior to moving to the Finger Lakes, Karin lived in New York City where she co-founded No-Pants Theatre Company, producing and directing new work at venues ranging from HERE to The Ontological/St Marks Church, The New York International Fringe Festival (multi-year), The Pasinger/Fabrike (Munich), Manhattan Theatre Source, and The Samuel Beckett on Theatre Row (off-broadway).  She was the curator of No Pants’ New Play Lab, The Fitting Room, working with such writers as Julia Cho, Diana Son, Jon Kinally and Derek Nguyen at the start of their careers.  As Associate for Arts Programs at People for The America Way (1999 – 2003), she  shepherded the biographical play “Trumbo” (written by Dalton Trumbo’s son) to off-Broadway, working with Ed Harris, Richard Dreyfus, Nathan Lane, Chris Cooper, Tim Robbins, Alec Baldwin and others to bring the great screenwriter’s life to the stage. She continues her commitment to New Work at BVT, commissioning a new childen’s play every year for the Apprentice Program since 2004. Regionally she has worked with Geva, The Guthrie Theater, Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble and The Lied Center at Kansas University, where “Origins”, her adaptation of the Scopes Monkey Trial transcripts, starred Edward Asner and was aired on PBS and NPR. Other playwrighting credits include Mystery Radio Theater (Geva NextStage) and Let’s Misbehave, The Music and Lyrics of Cole Porter, which premiered at BVT in 2010 and has been produced in 4 states so far. She trained as an actress at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where she received her BFA.

Agim Sopi

He is born on 23.07.1956, in Prishtina / Kosovo. He attended the University of Zagreb (Croatia). He has graduated on the Academy of Arts, the branch of directing the film. He is the professor of The Film Theory in Faculty of Arts — Prishtina University.

F i l m o g r a p h y
The documentary films: The waiting (1980), The midnight guards (1981), Beyond the death (1999).

The feature films: The man of earth (1984), Anathema (2006), Agnus Dei (2012)

The Tv-films:
The Pelerine (1982),The flower of love (1988),
The Tower (1990). The autumn of roses (2000).

W. Mark Dendy


Award-winning filmmaker and author W. Mark Dendy inherited his father’s love and ability for telling a good story. Dendy was born and raised in the Mississippi delta where storytelling abounds like fish frys and coon hunts. His films narratives bring both tears and laughter to the viewer, and his cinematic telling ability transports the viewer into the story. His creativity is fueled by quad, grande, extra hot, non-fat, no whip, white mochas.

In addition to being a filmmaker, Dendy is novelist and a marine biologist, and a former adjunct professor of biology and physics. He holds a B.S. in biological sciences, and an M.S. in life sciences.

Dendy loves the warm, sunny weather of San Jose del Cabo and is an avid scuba diver. When he’s not spending time with his wife on a sunny, sandy beach or cruising in his boat, he enjoys reading and and spoiling his two Chihuahua. His home is in Elk Grove, California where he spends many hours writing screenplays and novels.

Kim Smith

Festival Photographer


I am an architectural photographer in Buffalo, NY. My studies in art, design, theatre, set design, and history of film feed my inspiration and aesthetic style for architectural photography.  Some favorite influences in the world of film are Stanley Kubrick, M. Night Shyamalan, Ridley Scott, Orson Wells and film noir.  Favorite documentary:  Visions of Light. Favorite fine art influence: Renaissance paintings. It’s all about light and mise en scène. I strongly agree with Orson Wells’ philosophy:  If you turn off the sound, the visuals alone should tell the story. 

Johnny Sandaire PhD

Festival Photographer


My name is Johnny Sandaire.  I am a Commercial Photographer in New York and New Jersey,  specializing in Product, Fashion, and Portrait photography.    I was born in  Haiti.  I migrated to New York City in 1968, where  I  attended  High School  and  Photography  College.   I then worked for the Haiti Department of Tourism, photographing Touristic Locations all over the Island and other surrounding areas.  After a decade of Tourism Photography, I switched over to Photojournalism and worked for Reuters, covering Haiti and nearby Caribbean island News Events.   Things became interesting and dangerous after a while; and after several near-misses on my life, I decided to pursue a less dangerous profession.  So, I returned to College and studied Biology, Mass Communication, and completed my studied in Computer Science, earning a PhD from Colorado Technical University.  I worked as an IT Scientist at Lucent Technologies, Bell-Labs and earned two US Patents in Data Processing.

A few years ago, I retired from IT services and returned to my Photography lifestyle.  I love it all over again. My wife, Katarzyna Haberko-Sandaire , and I reside in New Jersey, but we both work in New York City.

My Web sites are and

Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic

Jelena Zalatkovic Velickovic PHOTO1

Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic is a costume designer who worked in theaters and film as a costume designer

but 2008 started to make documentary films as a director and producer

She is composing music and use it in her films

2010 her husband Sasa Velickovic joined as a big help and co director, camera and editor…

2014 was one of the judges for ‘’The Valley Film Festival’’ USA

Ed Surname

Ed Surname is an English comedian whose Grand Jury Award-nominated work involves psychoanalysis of why some humans feel compelled to perform comedy.

He created The StandUp SitDown radio show where he introspected with fellow comedians, the documentary movie Unsolicited Material (2016) was made from his 10000 home videos and his videoblogging series Laugh or Cry TV was a real-life sitcom with public interactions, exploring the illusion of fame in our society, the role of money in happiness and the personal cost of pursuing artistic ambition.

Bianca Howell

Bianca Howell is an Italian/American animator and a recent graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins, where she achieved a Masters Degree in Character Animation.
She has directed and animated two short films, and has worked in a team on a third one. Her film “Resilience” has obtained numerous festival nominations around the world.

Her hobbies include learning new languages, science fiction novels and playing the violin.