SEASON 2 (September 10, 2016)

Season 1 (2016): Winners

Best Film


Directors: BEN BRAND

Best Screenplay


Writer: Timothy Benson

Best Animation


Director: Alyce Tzue

Best Documentary


 Director: Jannis Lenz

Best Music Video

Pale Moonlight

Directors: Danny Farber / Mac Kozi


Season 2 (2016): Official Selection

Country Project Director / Author
Austria NELLY Chris Raiber
Austria ZERO-G Jannis Lenz
Lithuania THE TROLLEYBUS-MAN Jonas Trukanas
Austria EXIT RIGHT Rupert Höller
Canada Fastball Jeremy McCracken
France Game of life Vialleton Agnès
Bahrain The Orphanage Hashim Sharaf
South Korea Goksung Na Hong-jin
United States Letter to God Maria Ibrahimova
Germany Va Banque – Risky Game Stefan Plepp
United States Pale Moonlight Danny Farber / Mac Kozi
Russia Techfilm Alexandr Komarov
United States Hot Chocolate Thu Vu Kim Nguyen
United States SOAR Alyce Tzue
United States 7 Days in Syria Robert Rippberger
United States A Sort of Homecoming Maria Burton
France The Call Alban Ravassard
United Kingdom Tangents Matty Brown
United States 97% BEN BRAND
United States Silliest Love Song Milan Lazistan III
France Tunisia 2045 Ted Hardy-Carnac

Screenwriters Competition

Saint Rehab


A make-shift family deals with the ramifications of drug abuse.

Writer: Malachi BroadusWriter

United States

Twisted Act


In the actors’ jungle of Los Angeles, Linda, a self-deprecating TV actress past her prime, is struggling to pay bills due to having been typecast for being on a now-cancelled TV show in which she played an embarrassing robot role. Because a producer is interested in financing a continuation of the show only if everybody in the original cast agrees to be on board, she and her robot co-stars Eddy and his young son Robert must beg Wolrath, the self-centered and eccentric non-robotic teacher in the original show, to accept the deal. Linda and Eddy embark on a weird adventure at Wolrath’s house, where they discover that he has reconciled with his gorgeous but highly unstable wife Kay, who is a skilled martial artist. Using the excuse that she needs to practice her martial art skills for an upcoming movie shoot, Kay gets more and more aggressive towards Linda, who struggles to keep it together physically and emotionally. When finally Wolrath gets ready to face his ex, he demands a bathroom meeting with her alone. It is hard to remain cold in the presence of the one who got away, and Linda barely manages to do it, until the entire twisted act is revealed.

Writer: Luciana Lagana

United States



Three middle schoolers race to save a city under siege after a greedy extermination company’s genetic experimentation goes horribly wrong.

Writer: Timothy Benson

United States