Season 4 (2018): Official Selection

Project Title Director / Author Country
After Hours Michael Aguiar United States
For One Mathieu Rivolier France
Schirkoa Ishan Shukla India
Balloon Vis Vitalis Russian Federation
A Whole World For A Little World Fabrice Bracq France
Back And Forward Inc. Martin (Martn) Demmer Germany
The Importance Of Sex Education L. Elizabeth Powers United States
Home, Sweet Home Carlos Polo Spain
A Splendid Affair Laurent Ardoint, Stéphane Duprat France
Dragonfly Carl Carter Greene Canada
Tupianas Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif Brazil
Blue Eyes Xander Arts United States
Boy And Bottle Weiming Tang China
Nineveh’S Burning Michael Guinn United States
In One Drag Alireza Hashempour Germany
Inner Telescope, A Space Artwork By Eduardo Kac Virgile Novarina France
The Chemistry Of Emotions Carlo De Agostini Italy
Cropped Chris Thomas United States
The Radicalization Of Jeff Boyd Uwe Schwarzwalder Switzerland
The Snowmen John W Dart United States
The 99th Encounter Linman WU China
Plunge Lance Roger Axt United States
Old Age Hollywood Nikita Vasilchenko Germany
Powder, Pencil And Eraser Andréa Prado Brazil
Utopia Aimiende Negbenebor Sela United States
Chocolate Potato Neil O’Neil United Kingdom
The Inuring James Hughes United Kingdom
Saturday Night Special Esteban Garcia Vernaza United States
The Dark Box Iness Rychlik United Kingdom
Albedo Absolute Vlad Marsavin United States
Omi & Opa; An Ode To Grandparents Sam Vinal, Justin Kohlber United States
Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir David E. Munz-Maire United States