The second Meters International Film Festival Ended in Naples

The second Meters Film Festival ended on September, 10 in Naples, NY. It was held at the Bristol Valley Theater (official website) managed by its creative director Karin Bowersock.


Karin Bowersock delivered an opening speech, and then followed the showing of the films featured in the competition programme.

«97%» film by BEN BRAND was highly appreciated by the audience. As a result, the film was ranked #1 in the rating of films featured in the festival. Second and third places were taken by “Nelly” by Chris Raiber and “Letter to God” by Maria Ibrahimova. We are happy to have worked with all filmmakers and grateful for their high quality creative works. Your films really trigger emotions and make people think!


Filmmakers and critics from all over the world were among the second season jury. It was these people that chose such high quality films for the festival programme:

Martin W. Payne
Iwan Jones-Roberts
Alberto Nacci
Maria Chiriac
Francesco Cocco
Natalia Armienta
David Barak
Enrico Ferri
Giannis Vlahopoulos
Thomas Grascoeur
Charlie Martínez
Artem Makarevich
Danny Cotton
Gian Luca Rossi
Stephen M. Hunt
Ignacio F. Rodó
Marko Kacanski
James Tralie
Motahareh Ahmadpour
Ajitesh Sharma

David Shane was the festival photographer. This person has made it possible for you not only to read about the event, but also see how it all happened. Thank you, David!


And, of course, we would like to thank Karin Bowersock, the creative director, for his professional organization of the event. Without Karin, it would have been impossible to hold such a festival.


We would also like to thank all guests and filmmakers for participation in our film festival. We will be happy to see you when the next season comes!