Agim Sopi

He is born on 23.07.1956, in Prishtina / Kosovo. He attended the University of Zagreb (Croatia). He has graduated on the Academy of Arts, the branch of directing the film. He is the professor of The Film Theory in Faculty of Arts — Prishtina University.

F i l m o g r a p h y
The documentary films: The waiting (1980), The midnight guards (1981), Beyond the death (1999).

The feature films: The man of earth (1984), Anathema (2006), Agnus Dei (2012)

The Tv-films:
The Pelerine (1982),The flower of love (1988),
The Tower (1990). The autumn of roses (2000).

W. Mark Dendy


Award-winning filmmaker and author W. Mark Dendy inherited his father’s love and ability for telling a good story. Dendy was born and raised in the Mississippi delta where storytelling abounds like fish frys and coon hunts. His films narratives bring both tears and laughter to the viewer, and his cinematic telling ability transports the viewer into the story. His creativity is fueled by quad, grande, extra hot, non-fat, no whip, white mochas.

In addition to being a filmmaker, Dendy is novelist and a marine biologist, and a former adjunct professor of biology and physics. He holds a B.S. in biological sciences, and an M.S. in life sciences.

Dendy loves the warm, sunny weather of San Jose del Cabo and is an avid scuba diver. When he’s not spending time with his wife on a sunny, sandy beach or cruising in his boat, he enjoys reading and and spoiling his two Chihuahua. His home is in Elk Grove, California where he spends many hours writing screenplays and novels.

Martin W. Payne


Martin is an accountant by profession, but has been acting as a hobby for 21 years, only relatively recently turning to screen acting. As a result, he has also become an independent film producer, director and writer although he tries not to be all three at the same time, and especially not when trying to act. A supporter of independent filmmakers, Martin has been involved in a number of feature films as well as short films, has funded a few as well, and one of his own short films is currently entered into various festivals.

Naghmeh Farzaneh

Naghmeh Farzaneh is an Iranian animator and filmmaker who entered the animation world after getting her bachelor’s degree in Painting. Studying and working with Iranian painting masters gave Naghmeh the opportunity to start a professional carrier as a concept and background designer for many animation projects in Iran. She begun her first film, trapped in time, as an exercise to learn the medium, the work got an international recognition in many film festivals. In 2011 she immigrated to the United States to continue filmmaking while pursuing her MFA in Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York and. Naghmeh’s films have been officially selected in many international festivals around the globe including Leeds Internatioanl Film Festival, Savannah Film Festival, Festival Du Nouveau Cinema, Tricky Women, Tehran International Animation Festival and has won awards at Animateka Festival, 47ht ASIFA EAST Animation Festival, New Orleans Film Festival and Hong Kong Arthouse Film Festival to mention the few. Most recently, Naghmeh has done extensive work in two-dimensional animation, creating works on themes related to her immigration out of Iran, as well as collaborative works with independent artists and filmmakers. Naghmeh Farzaneh currently is a faculty member at the Rochester Institute of Technology.


Boldizsár CR

Boldizsár is self taught filmmaker with a background in video art and sociology. Born and raised in Budapest, Boldizsár drew on his love of classic and avant garde film-making and began to develop his own rich style. Moving from art film into more broadly narrative pieces as a director, Boldizsár manages to maintain the visual richness of his early work and a new mature venture into storytelling. He now collaborates with artists, musicians and brands to create beautiful and engaging filmic content, and has recently collaborated with Valentino, Tory Burch for Italian Vogue, Chloe, and Numero.


Stefan K

Composer, Arranger, Musician

Painting ideas, feelings and emotions on silence with a blend of styles, genres, and techniques.


Jose Antonio Perez

Producer, Camera Department, Director


Kenneth Sanabria

Daniele Esposito

Director and Screenwriter
His training experience is partly based on my academic achievements, namely an
undergraduate and postgraduate degree in cinema and a VFX master, and on his work in
several film productions, short and full-length films, documentaries, video clips and
During his studies he mostly focused on the contemporary series format that was the
subject of his postgraduate dissertation entitled “Fragments of Narration-Forms in the
Contemporary Audiovisual storytelling”.
His works have been presented in several festivals, winning a number of awards such as
the honorable mention of the jury chaired by Gillo Pontecorvo at the PA forum festival
2004 for the short film “Un Regalo Senza Parole”. He was also awarded the best short film
at the HorrorMovie Festival Roma 2011 for the short movie “Roulette Russa”.
In 2015 he made the short film “La Ruota” (competing in the Socially Relevant Film
Festival New York 2016, Salento Finibus Terrae 2016 and it won Best Short Movie in
Social Films Fest Roma 2016, president of jury Bernard Hiller) as well as the pilot of the
TV series “Super Italian Family” produced thanks to the contribution of Regione Lazio
Italia, also competing at Roma Fiction Fest 2015.
With his shortmovie “Days Of Temporary Madness” he won 3 prizes and received 4
nominations at 48hour film project Roma 2016.

Matthew Monelli

Matthew Monelli is an aspiring Director/Filmmaker that always had a passion for film. He has had many experiences that brought him to pursue a degree in filmmaking. He was inspired at a young age when he was introduced to the films of the 80’s. His broad taste in film and television fueled his passion for filmmaking, and provided him with a wide range of stylistic differences that shaped his personal style.



Fred L’Epee is an experimental filmmaker and visual artist. His films and visual works has been shown in several international film festivals, cinemas, symposiums, juried screenings, numerous solo/group exhibitions. He’s working and living between Greece, France and Switzerland.

Founder of Helicon Films with co-producers:
Ed Alvarado and Jean-Baptiste Lozac’h.
An Indie Film Label of Cinematography and Sound design.


Queen Kim

Queen Kim (A.K.A Jonghee Kim) was born in South Korea. A graduate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he currently studies at USC Film Grad School. He has been professionally making films since 2011. He seeks to break through in the film world by contributing both his artistic sensibilities and vision. His first film, “3,000” released theater in Feb, 6th, 2016. This film won several festivals includes Hollywood International Film Festival of Best Up&Comer Actor.


Alireza Shahrokhi

– Manager of Festival Affairs, IRIB Media Trade, 2008 to present

-Festival Executive, Cima Media International (CMI) ) 1996-2008

-Advisor of Iranian Young Cinema Society & Tehran Int’l Short Film Festival 2012

-Executive Manager of Iranian Film Market 2012

– Jury Member of the Int’l Film Festival of Kazan , Russia 2006

-Head of the Int’l Jury , East-west Film Festival Orenburg Russia 2014

-Head of International Affairs of VARESH Film Festival 2014

-Presenting the Iranian Films and TV programs to the festivals, markets, cultural events and the TV stations.

-Continually presence in Festival de Cannes, Marche Du film, Mipcom in France and EFM BERLIN Germany.

-Taking part in many professional meetings about the films for children ,as well as the Iranian Cinema in countries like Argentina, India, Russia.



Iwan Jones-Roberts


Iwan Jones-Roberts is a filmmaker with twenty years experience working in the animation and design industry. Since graduating from Edinburgh School of Art with a degree in animation, Iwan has worked on a number of commercial animated projects from ‘Spot the Dog’ to ‘Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids’. He has also lectured at the University of Wales, Bangor. As animation became more computerized Iwan moved into interactive Flash content managing a team of animators and designers for over ten years producing award-winning online content. Recently Iwan has successfully completed a masters degree in animation at the University of South Wales, Cardiff. Here he collaborated with other filmmakers to produce the short film, ‘The Call’ and directed his own short film, ‘Phyllis y Roc’

Alberto Nacci


Lives and works in Bergamo since 1982.
Former professor of Sound Design at the
Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo and
Brescia, after a long work as a musician with
several record productions and an extensive
concert career he devoted himself to the
production of documentaries on art and
culture, industrial and educational films and
video art works by receiving numerous
international awards. His works are appreciated in Italy and abroad and
selected some of the most important film festival and video art in Europe, USA,
Asia. He participated, representing Italy, to EURONIGHT08, international event
of video art proposed by the Italian Cultural Institute in Toronto. His short film
THE COLOURS OF BLACK won the Chicago Short Film Festival (art direction),
and received the Mention Spéciale du Jury at the Festival du Cinema de Paris.
With THE MOVING TOWN was selected to 61 ° Festival du Film Locarno,
received the Mention Spéciale du Jury at the Festival du Cinema de Bruxelles,
won the Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Film Festival (for best directing),
won the Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona (best Cinematography),
won Alaska International Film Award (best Music video), received the
nomination (for best short Film) at the International Filmmaker Festival (Kent,
UK) and was presented in the exhibition “Parallel Worlds “in the context of
events taking place at the 53rd Venice Biennial Show. With quippe DANCE won
the Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Film Festival (for best editing) and
received the Special Mention of Jury at the Punta del Este International Film
Festival (Uruguay) and has been selected for the event 6 The Best Short Film in
the World at La Mar de Plata International Film Festival. The documentary
BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH – Mario Botta, Church in Seriate was part of
the exhibition of the exhibition Mario Botta, Architecture 1960-2010 at Mart in
Rovereto and has been successfully presented to GAMeC, TRIENNALE Milan
and on RAI 5 (Cooltour). He presented the film The Art of Engraving Centre at
the National Museum of Turin, the MAX Museum of Chiasso, the Academy of
Fine Arts of Brera (MI), the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts (BG). The Palazzo
Ducale in Genoa presented video works Hands to Jill and Chris made
Handmade by the American photographer Jill Mathis and the British sculptor
Chris Gilmour.
He has created numerous video works for exhibitions of artists such as Mario
Benedetti, Philip Corner, Viveka Assembergs, Chris Gilmour, Paolo Ghilardi,
D i e t e l m o P i e v a n i , R o b e r t o C i a c c i o , M a u r a C a n t a m e s s a .
His movie The Garden of Peace was presented at the Italian Pavilion in the
14th Venice Architecture Biennale.
In 2015 he conceived and conducted the first seminar “Video Art and Industry”
in collaboration with the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo and
Incubator of Business Development at the Bergamo Dalmine POINT.
In 2015 he made the short film BERGAMO IRON PEOPLE for the Group
Industries Metalmeccaniche Confindustria Bergamo EXPO and presented in
nell”Assemblea National Federmeccanica. In the same year with them film A
WHITE LIGHT (A White Light) won the International Filmmaker Festival of the
World (best editing) and the International Film Festival for Family, Public
Service, Against Drug Abuse & Trafficking in Jakarta (International Awards of
Merit). In 2016 with BODY & SOUND # 2 won Hollywood International Moving
Pictures Film Festival (Best Music Video), Indiefest Film Awards in Los Angeles
USA (Award of Excellence) and Bellingham Music Video Festival – USA (Best
Music Video), Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2016 (Best Music Video).
Since 1996 is the holder of ajpstudios (sound & vision), specializing in the
production of industrial films, documentaries of Art and Culture.
More info: www.albertonacci.it

Maria Chiriac


Maria Chiriac graduated in Cultural studies and Media from the University of Bucharest in 2004. In 2010 she studied film at St Martin’s College, University of the Arts. Since then she has producing her own short films, and working as a production assistant and researcher for an independent production company.

One of her latest projects is ‘Always think of me in your lunch break’, recently screened at the Tuzla Film Festival in Bosnia Herzegovina. This is an experimental short film focused on daydreaming and reverie, as an escape from reality, following the mind into the rabbit hole whilst detached from the immediate surroundings, capturing the blurring contact with reality. It tells the story of an imaginary lunch time mental rendez-vous of two lovers in a long distance relationship. The couple trapped in different real life coordinates, noisy urban soundscapes, secretly agree to a simultaneous daydreaming – during their lunch break, irrespective of their actual location or surroundings they long for time together in intimacy and rush to find bliss in the subconscious togetherness of an imaginary date.

Maria also has ‘a passion for film-making, photography and exploring the human mind beyond boundaries’, and she plans to forge ‘a path in visual storytelling, with a unique East-West European hybrid perspective.’

Francesco Cocco


Francesco Cocco started his film education at the Irish Film Academy in Dublin, then he attended the Metropolis c.e. film school in Madrid where he achieved the degree in Film and television and Estudio V film school in Madrid where he completed a film-making course. He writes, directs and produces his first short films in Ireland before moving to Spain where he continued gathering experience as a film director. Since 2010 he’s been directing several short films and other audiovisual formats such as web-series, music and corporate videos. His last two short films “Purple” and “It rains” has been selected in several national and international festivals. In 2016 he completes his last short film “Ladybird” co-produced with Stop and Play.

More info on this page: http://inoutdistribution.com/en/celebrity/francesco-cocco/

Natalia Armienta



David Barak


Dave Barak runs San Diego-based Malfunction Films, specializing in the development and production of feature films, short films and narrative web series. He served in the US Navy as a Sensor Operator (SENSO) aboard S3-A Viking aircraft, deploying aboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and based in San Diego, California. After leaving the Navy, he worked for a number of years as a newspaper and magazine photographer, as well as a newspaper business columnist, copy editor, illustrator and restaurant reviewer.

Enrico Ferri

скачанные файлы

I was born and raised in Toronto and spent my youth as a baseball hero, video gamer, and lover of all things film and music. When I graduated from OCAD University in 2009, I started working in the advertising industry as a Video Editor. As an Editor I’ve worked on brands such as Tim Hortons, Walmart, Air Canada, Mazda, Burger King, and Nike. As a Director, I’ve worked on short films, digital campaigns, and commercial work. I’m currently expanding my reel and am open to new creative collaborations.

Contact: enrico.b.ferri@gmail.com

Giannis Vlahopoulos


Giannis Vlahopoulos is primarily concerned with camera, rigging and steadycam – 3axis gibal operation.
Trained in AUTH Film School (Greece) in Direction Of Photography, Giannis has already worked in a big number
of shorts and documentaries as a DP. He is working in KINETAFILMS a greek production company , that mostly participates
in european co-productions and commercials .

Thomas Grascoeur


Thomas Grascoeur est comédien et réalisateur.

En tant que comédien, on a pu le voir à la télévision dans “Flic tout simplement” d’Yves Rénier, “Alice Nevers”, “Clem” ou encore “Nos chers voisins”. Au théâtre, il alterne classiques (Oreste dans Andromaque de Jean Racine, Oronte dans Le Misanthrope, Thomas Diafoirus dans Le Malade Imaginaire), pièces de boulevard (Lucien dans Feu la Mère de Madame de Feydeau, Albert dans Doit-on le dire? de Labiche), policiers (Arsène Lupin dans une adaptation trépidante de Maurice Leblanc), ou fables contemporaines (Médée fait ses courses de Catherine Rihoit). Devant la caméra, il a été l’intellectuel solitaire du Dixit de Leslie Villiaume, le mari volage du Needle de Samuel Berrebi ou encore le proxénète arriviste du Public Bitches de Damien Jelaine.

En tant que réalisateur, il a signé deux courts métrages, “Les dimanches d’un bourgeois de Paris”, adaptation de la nouvelle de Maupassant, diffusé par OCS Max et sélectionné dans de nombreux festivals tant en France qu’à l’international, et “SmartPote”, actuellement en fin de post-production.

Charlie Martínez


Charlie Martinez is independent animator, professional musician, recording engineer and lawyer born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1984.

During his childhood he formed me in the Garaycochea School where he studied drawing with “Goyo” Mazzeo and cartoon with Oswal. In parallel, over the years it became a regular self-taught musician, multi-instrumentalist today. Oswal teacher portrayed the cover art for his first released album ( “Try”, 2002).

While in law school, she took courses in painting at the IUNA, drawing the human figure in San Martin Cultural Center and cartoon with Rodolfo Mutuverría (Garaycochea).

Today, he is a student of the Institute of Cinematographic Art of Avellaneda, in his second year of career Animated Film Director. In 2015 he attended a workshop Pixilation Stop Motion and teacher Juan Pablo Zaramella, in the Kirchner Cultural Center.

The same year Expotoons year selected a short film directed, animated and music by him and four companions FAA (chess).

Other short films made by them also participated in festivals: “Wings” and “Divine justice does not discriminate” in the TMC London Film Festival 2016 and the Waves Music and Arts Festival 2016, respectively.

He is also the director of a small producer of Argentine cartoon, Monstruodibujos that are just starting to do some commercials and short own content. The final versions of all films can be seen from their official website, where you can also download his music: www.charliemartinez.com.ar

Artem Makarevich


Born in 1981 in Moscow, Russia. When he was 20 years old he began to work on Russian TV as an editor. In 25 became director of television programs.
Artem shot his first short film only in 2014. It was short film Mistake. His second short The Perfect Drug received several awards at Independent festivals all over the world. Eclipse is the third Artem’s short film. All his shorts Artem shot spending his own money.

Danny Cotton


Danny is a Writer/Director from Norwich, England and has been making films since 2009, building up experience primarily as a Director but also in other roles including Camera Operator, First Assistant Director, Editor and others on many projects.

He studied two years of Film, Media and Photography at college gaining more experience through working in the visual medium, subsequently studying Film Production in a more formal setting during one year at university.

Danny works freelance, filming both corporate projects and events whilst also working on the film scene locally and nationally. He is currently working on various projects in the hope of getting them out to UK and international festivals having received nominations and wins for his past work.

Danny continues to enjoy creating unique pieces with his camera and following his passion for storytelling.

Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic

Jelena Zalatkovic Velickovic PHOTO1

Jelena Zlatkovic Velickovic is a costume designer who worked in theaters and film as a costume designer

but 2008 started to make documentary films as a director and producer

She is composing music and use it in her films

2010 her husband Sasa Velickovic joined as a big help and co director, camera and editor…

2014 was one of the judges for ‘’The Valley Film Festival’’ USA

Ed Surname

Ed Surname is an English comedian whose Grand Jury Award-nominated work involves psychoanalysis of why some humans feel compelled to perform comedy.

He created The StandUp SitDown radio show where he introspected with fellow comedians, the documentary movie Unsolicited Material (2016) was made from his 10000 home videos and his videoblogging series Laugh or Cry TV was a real-life sitcom with public interactions, exploring the illusion of fame in our society, the role of money in happiness and the personal cost of pursuing artistic ambition.

Bianca Howell

Bianca Howell is an Italian/American animator and a recent graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins, where she achieved a Masters Degree in Character Animation.
She has directed and animated two short films, and has worked in a team on a third one. Her film “Resilience” has obtained numerous festival nominations around the world.

Her hobbies include learning new languages, science fiction novels and playing the violin.

Gian Luca Rossi

He graduated in film directing at the ESEC (Paris) and in theater direction at the CIC of Rome . He has directed plays, short films , documentaries and television programs . He also collaborated in productions of other authors as assistant director , cameraman and / or director of photography . In 2008 he made his debut in Italian cinemas with the feature film “Ho ammazzato Berlusconi” (“I killed Berlusconi”) , written and directed along with Daniele Giometto . Since more than ten years is the owner of the production company Korova , through which he has produced , created and direct numerous audiovisual works . Parallel offered educational activities in schools and training centers , teaching acting, stage movements and techniques of cinema and audiovisual .

Carmine Caradonna

Been in the Martial arts since 1970,Started making amateur films since 1973 and now with today’s technology moving forward in the film Genre.


Daina Papadaki



Daina Papadaki is a Cypriot director/ producer. Born in Cyprus and from a young age Daina Papadaki loved the arts, especially cinema. Teenage years was a period of endless travelling in the world of films. Back then she discovers that films are a depiction of reality seen from different perspectives, a way to communicate visually with others. Later on she realizes that in filmmaking there is no line dividing what is “real” and what is “make believe”. Graduated with honors and a BA degree in Visual Communications from Hawaii Pacific University and an MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) in Motion Pictures Production/Directing from University of Miami. She was employed in the position of teaching assistant (for film production classes) at University of Miami. Since 2007 Daina is based in Cyprus, works in a local production studio where she professionally directs and produces TV commercials, corporate and music videos. Her short films Trapped Inside, Nightfall of Eden & 5 Ways 2 Die were selected and awarded in numerous International Film Festivals. Daina is currently the Secretary of the board of directors of the Directors Guild of Cyprus.


Stephen M. Hunt


My short crime-drama “Early Release” was filmed by Emmy Award winning director Miguel Geurreiro and contnues to achieve in Film Festivals — “Best film”, Best Script”, Best Actress” etc.
I have 3 short scripts slated for 2016 production, I’ve optioned 2 feature screenplays and a 3rd is subject to a “Shopping Agreement”.
My feature and short screenplays have won first place in 24 screenplay contests and also achieved “official selection” status at over 60, world-wide film festivals.
I’m a playwright turning to film, most of my produced plays featured Royal Shakespeare Company actors / directors and include an award-winning UK tour.

Tosh Leykum

TOSHSince more than ten years Tosh Leykum works as a independent film maker and video artist with his focus on live video projections combined with classical or contemporary music.

In this context co-operations with the Dusseldorf Symphonians, the WDR Radio Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra of the city Trier, as well as different ensembles came into being. Exhibitions in the City Council House of Wolfsburg were as much part of this as performances with live video projections at well-established places, for example the State Opera House of Hanover.

Tosh Leykum was responsible for the artistic management of “Project Together” which was staged at the Sprengel Museum Hanover. This project contained different interpretations of a composition by Isang Yun.

Furthermore he is co-founder and member of the Svedish-German trio LST consisting of soprano, guitar and video.

Currently there are performances with the Frankfurt duo CLUBbleu in various cities.

His videos have been recognized by awards and were shown on several international film festivals.

Ignacio F. Rodó

Ignacio F. Rodó always wanted to be a troubadour. Unfortunately, he was born several centuries late for that, so he had to resign himself to being a filmmaker instead.

The spaniard likes telling stories, creativity, irony, subtext, minimalism and humor on set, as well as lower case letters.

Since directing his first short film in 2007, he has experimented with all possible ways to tell a story, which led him to direct for all kinds of formats, screens, and even stages. The only thing he has never done in a shooting is acting, and in the world’s best interest he has promised to himself that he will never try.

His work has been selected for dozens of international film festivals and has won several awards, where his style has been called experimentally commercial. This statement confuses and excites him at the same time.

He is the co-founder of pio pio stories, a creative production company based in Barcelona (Spain). He is the producer and one of the brainstormers of the label. Thank god, his hyperactivity allows him to work as a freelancer as well.

Last and least, he has a hard time writing bios, but he gathered his courage to write this one.


Henrik Dahlbring

Henrik Dahlbring was born on the 18th of october 1995. He is a Swedish film student who have made a few films both live action and animation. He writes, directs and animates. Some of the films he has also cut and shot.

Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser

Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser 2015

Filmmaker, animator, writer, painter, cartoonist an photographer. Her shorts films were selected and screened in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Venezuela, USA, Europe and India. Her short animated film“Birds” was awarded by Instituto Nacional del Cine (Incaa, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012).CARACOLITO, LA ABEJA Y LA NIÑAKolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival – India, OCTOBER 2015Award: Best Children ´s film 2015


Marko Kacanski

Born in Novi Sad (Serbia), where he work and live. He graduated at the Art Academy in Novi Sad, the group for theater and film directing. Until now he succeeded in making five theater plays, more than 20, documentaries and the short movies. He is owner of ,,Minotaur Production” making independent films and other videos. From 2006 he is working like director on the Television of Vojvodina in Novi Sad where he directed more than 100 TV series.His occupations are film and digital visual effects (mostly Maya and Houdini) .

Worked for main TV stations: RTV,RTS and TV PINK like director, vfx artist and cinematographer.

His works are published in the leading 3d magazines and web sites.

He is looking for producers for the feature film based on Cervantes “Don Quixote”.

He did digital effects for 3 Feature movies
-Sharks Night
-6 Dark Days
-and for the Movie about Radivojke Korac “Zhucko”

Worked for studios

For 12 years he is mentor at least one film workshop in a year. In Slovenia, Serbia and Austria.

Awards :
For ,,The swing never stops”
-First price in ,,Ljubljana film fest of independent film” 2004
– Second price in Mostar 2005(Bosnia) – short film festival
-Third price in Niš 2006 – film festival ,,Idea is important’’
– First price in Zagreb festival ,,Raf’’ 2007 for 3d animation ,,Hop Frog’’

More at:

James Tralie

In the past four years, James’ films have been selected by film festivals both locally and nationally for screening and/or awards. In 2011, his film, “Seeing through a New Lens,” received first place in the Narrative category at the WHYY Youth Media Awards. WHYY is the local Philadelphia PBS station. In 2012, his film entitled “What is a Life?” received 2nd place in the Documentary category at the WHYY awards, first place in the Montgomery County Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair, and was selected for screening in Seattle in April 2013 at NFFTY (National Film Festival for the Talented Youth). His film entitled “Screenwriter’s Block” received both First Place in the High School Open Category and the First Place Judges’ Award at the 2013 WHYY Youth Media Awards. This film was also screened at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival in the “Future Filmmakers of Tomorrow” category, won a Gold Key from the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, won first place in the Experimental category at the Greenfield Youth Film Festival, was screened at Cineyouth (Chicago International Film Festival), the Santa Monica Teen Film Festival (where it won “Best Animation”), the 20th annual Los Angeles Film Festival, Canberra Short Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, and was screened at the All-American High School Film Festival in October. James has had films screened on television and has even appeared in a TV commercial (for the Pennsylvania State Education Association). His films, “Seeing through a New Lens” (2011) and “Screenwriter’s Block” (2013) were shown on WHYY Television’s “Anthology.” He was invited to the White House to meet President Obama and has won an Emmy for his work. Also, James regularly broadcast the sporting events and other activities for Upper Dublin Township’s local cable network – “UDTV” (Upper Dublin Television). He also applied his interest in filmmaking to his science fair projects. In 2013 with his project entitled “Evaluating Low-Cost Video Optical Avoidances,” he used a webcam to track the motion of objects across the field of view to simulate a low-cost back-up assist camera. This past year, he used an XBOX Kinect sensor 3D camera to 3-dimensionally track the tilt and position of a driver’s head to determine if he or she is distracted while driving. His projects have won awards in the Montgomery County and Delaware Valley Science Fairs and have been presented at such events as the “Philly Materials Day” at Drexel University and the Nano/Bio Interface Center at the University of Pennsylvania. When he is not directing, filming, or editing films, he plays violin in his school orchestra, plays both varsity and American Legion baseball, and is an avid photographer. His photos have been shown at an international photography exhibition called “The Story of the Creative” in New York City and have been projected onto a skyscraper.

He is currently a freshman at Princeton University studying Geosciences with a minor in Film Production.


Motahareh Ahmadpour

IMG_20140422_154743 (1)

Motahareh, She is short film director and writting for short animation and live action films , she like  every things about surrealism , she writing a new book with illustratur herself.
offical selected more than ” 70
” films festivals

winner 12th Tasvirsal film festival iran

winner film 3th farda festival iran

winner 2th mirvac film festival aus
winner 3th aninetwork film festival usa
winner 7th green fest film festival
winner 3th sarmat film festival

offical selected 32th short film Tehran
offical selected ifif iranian women film
offical selected 7th feredrick film festival

offical selected 8th bangladesh short film
offical selected 3th arquiteturas
nominated 19th icffi film festival india
nominated 3th IndiEarth Animation Film Festival
nominated Muestrario mexic
nominated 11th Topanga usa
nominated 3th expotoons
nominated 9th chinh
nominated  3th cms
nominated 5th Nomade a montreal
nominated Southampton

Ajitesh Sharma

Ajitesh 2

Apart from being a screenwriter & filmmaker, Ajitesh Sharma has been a Scientist & Corporate Professional in past. His first short ‘Visible Bra Straps’, was a pioneer film from India and was selected & awarded at 24 international film festivals. It was also nominated by Indian Government as an Official Indian entry to Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2011 at Brisbane, the Oscar equivalents in Asia Pacific. Shorts International, which is the exclusive buyer of all Oscar Nominated Short films, later acquired the worldwide distribution rights of the film, the first Indian film to be acquired by them.

World Premiered at International Director’s Lounge Berlin 2013, SWEN was his first feature. It started international festival circuit with awards and selections at Mexico, USA, Germany, Greece, South Africa, and India. SWEN will now be digitally released.

He has curetted first edition of Global Cinema Festival (India) in 2009 and regular member of Script Review Committee at Sidewalk International Film Festival (USA) since 2013. He has also been appointed as International Brand Ambassador of First Edition of Brussels International Fashion Film Festival (Belgium) in 2016.

Apart from films, he also direct fashion films, music videos and commercials. He has shot fashion films across the globe and his work is recognized at prominent fashion events worldwide in Cape Town, London, Miami, Chicago, Istanbul, Porto and Others. He has fetched several international recognitions in photography too. His work can be viewed at: